Today in my Honors Sociology class, my professor used the term “typical” which got me thinking, what exactly is typical? It is often used to describe many different aspects in life. Saying something is typical usually means normal, average, and expected, right? So why should people want to be described as typical? We don’t.

Being called average or typical stings. It hurts more than most let on because no one wants to be known that way. A lot of people want to make a name for themselves, be remembered, be outgoing and adventurous, and live for God. We want to be OURSELVES. Being typical is the opposite of being oneself. It is being what society knows as the norm. Average people. Don’t be typical.

If you have a lot of typical days, the problem is likely you, rather than the day. If you wake up expecting a boring and blah day, STOP. Expectation is the reason you have days like this. If you plan from the beginning not to enjoy something, there is a good chance you aren’t going to enjoy it. Personally, I think this is an obvious observation, but so many people let bad attitudes or events ruin their days, as well as the days of other. What ever happened to being happy, kind, and just enjoying life?

I’m sure this is a little scattered, but being typical has hit me hard today. When I die, I don’t want to be remembered for being “typical.” Rather, I want to be known for doing something with my life. Most of all, when I get to Heaven, I want to tell God Himself that I wasn’t typical. That I wasn’t on the sidelines. That I lived for Him.

I challenge any random person or friend of mine that reads this to take this to heart. Don’t be typical. Go out of your way to be kind, don’t be shy, share your interests, love others, and live for God. Enjoy life. It can be a struggle at times, but if you aren’t taking advantage of the opportunities that God places in front of you, you’re doing life wrong. Reevaluate, breathe, live.


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