I’ve always been very opposed to mobile journalism. As a photoj student, I fear that my job is in jeopardy. The world cares more about speed than quality, while I disagree.

Regardless, it’s silly to pretend like mobile journalism isn’t a huge part of the future. Events like the Boston Marathon Bombing last year prove that speed is superior to quality in cases of breaking news stories.

Though I prefer a more documentary approach to journalism, I do believe in the importance of getting out information to the public in a timely manner, and that often means that quality is disregarded.

That being said, with the advancement of technology, mobile journalism has taken on a much higher quality than it once had. iPhone photography has taken off, creating stunning images. Several photographers even do entire projects on their phones.

For this assignment, Shane had us take photos with our phones and share them. These are two of mine.

The first is a typical college weekend. Friends at Kaldi’s Coffee in downtown Columbia working on homework and over-caffeinating.

The second is a picturesque photograph of Jesse Hall, an iconic building on Francis Quadrangle here at MU.



This entire post was also written on my iPhone using the WordPress app. I know, be impressed.


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