Woes of Journalism

This semester, I’ve been given the opportunity to take the class News Reporting in which I act as a real-life, adult reporter. We even have to dress business casual. I’ve never owned anything business casual in my life.

For the first few weeks, I’ve focused a large portion of my time on only a couple of projects (many of which have fallen through). We were told two to three clips a week is ideal. I’ve had two and a half in four weeks. Not ideal.

This week, I had my third general assignment shift, which means I sat in the newsroom all day. My job was to pick up any stories that came our way. It was a fairly slow Monday, so I managed to come up with my own story. It was something I was passionate about and genuinely curious to discover and answer to my question: Are hammocks allowed on MU’s campus?

Who knew such a simple question was so difficult to answer? I’ve spent the past three days waiting for one person to get back to me. I’ve gathered all the information necessary for the story. I’ve spoken with law enforcement, students and MU, but the one person I NEED to hear from has yet to get back to me. I already know the answer, but I need clarification and details.

After three emails and five phone calls, the only response I’ve managed to get from this person is that they’re “looking into this but have not found specific policies yet.”

I know the answer. I found the policy. I just need them to confirm it. That’s it. Why is journalism so hard? I just want to be a photographer.


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