Leads – and missed emails

I’d like to start off this blog post with a formal apology to Katherine Reed. I somehow missed an email last week with an assigned blog post so I’m currently sitting outside frantically typing.


Here are three leads I found to discuss:

1. “UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Iceland is announcing a U.N. conference on women and gender equality — and only men and boys are invited.

I liked this lead because of the dramatic pause created by the hyphen. It made me want to know WHY Iceland was holding a conference on women and gender equality sans women. I feel like they are an important aspect of women equality and this lead addresses that without outright saying it.

2. “Maybe she poured you a cup of hot coffee, right before you rushed off to catch your afternoon train. Maybe you noticed her huddled over an empty table in the station, dozing in the lonesome hours between one shift and another.

This life story caught my attention from the title: For a Worker With Little Time Between 3 Jobs, a Nap Has Fatal Consequences. I assumed it would be a story of a tragic death, but the lead made the story much more.The lead immediately sets the scene of Maria Fernandes life. It creates an image of a hard-working woman, someone to be celebrated. The article doesn’t even mention her cause of death until the very end, which I deemed extremely respectful of Fernandes. It painted a picture of joy and kindness rather than focusing on her actual death. I thought the lead did a great job introducing that.

3. “We’ve all heard that income inequality is on the rise in the United States, but it might not be clear how bad the problem is until you’ve seen this picture of a dog defecating.

The Huffington Post shared this lovely lead, as well as a picture of a dog actually pooping. I don’t know how I feel about this. Honestly, the lead caught my attention and made me want to read on to better understand the comparison, but I find it slightly inappropriate and potentially offensive to MANY readers. I, however, found it pretty funny. A good lead? Yes and no. It does the job of a good lead, but maybe the story is what isn’t so great.


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