OOPS – SORRY LIZ (and everyone else for my excessive blogging)


I dropped the ball when it comes to sharing my work (at least the little work I’ve done) for The Columbia Missourian.

I’ve written three and a half articles this semester, my favorite being an investigative piece about whether or not the use of travel hammocks is allowed on MU’s campus. I discovered that not only are they not allowed at MU, but they aren’t allowed in ANY Columbia park.

Fortunately, it’s more of a suggestion. They’ve only given warnings at this point. Which is good news because I love my hammock and will probably continue to use it in Peace Park.

Here are the links to all the stories I’ve written thus far:

MU Museum of Art and Archaeology galleries delayed due to renovations

This story caused me a lot of problems. It was my first piece and I screwed up. I completely misunderstood a HUGE part and when fact checking, I didn’t even think to ask for clarification. This resulted in embarrassment and doubt. Not the best way to start out the semester.

MizzouDiversity hosts ‘Forum on Ferguson,’ open dialogue for MU, Columbia community

This story was fairly simple. Just a quick briefing. However, I managed to anger on source because she refused to get back to me while I tried to fact check.

MU celebrates 175 years with a weeklong series of events

LOL. This began as a timeline briefing about events and turned into something much greater. My dear editor took it and made it anew. It is now credited to “Missourian Staff” if that gives you any idea of how much I suck. (Love ya, Liz)

Hammock users, swing at your own risk at MU, city parks

This story has been my favorite. I pitched the idea for it on a slow GA (general assignment) day. I thought it would be quick and easy. No no no. Journalism is not quick and easy, silly Ellise. This story took FIVE DAYS. FIVE. I knew by day two that the usage of hammocks was in fact not allowed, but I needed confirmation and details from a single person that REFUSED to get back to me. I thought it was a simple question, but she didn’t know the answer. When she finally got back to me, she literally sent me a link to a policy THAT I SENT HER FIRST. That obviously did not answer my question. Thankfully, by the next day, I got a much more clear answer and was able to finish my piece.

Overall, The Columbia Missourian has been a great experience. Hard? YES. Stressful? BEYOND WORDS. Have I been hiding in a coffee shop for literally 8 hours now to avoid it? YES.

But I’m beginning to feel more confident in reporting. I know that I’ll be torn apart in my portfolio review tomorrow, but for a girl that just wants to be a photographer and write silly stories about her life, I feel pretty dang proud of myself. I’m trying hard at something that I really hate. I may not be great at it, but I’m getting by.


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