An Interview I Enjoyed

Last week, I was assigned a fun and simple story about two award-winning authors that wrote a children’s book titled “Sam & Dave Dig A Hole” together. The pair, Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett, are to stop at the Columbia Barnes & Noble on Oct. 18 as part of their national book tour, so I was to write a quick feature. What I didn’t realize is that this would be the most entertaining and wonderful interview I’ve done to date.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what information I wanted to get. I had a list of questions, but as soon as I had the duo on a conference call, the conversation began to take a number of hilarious twists and turns.

I found myself asking if they ever made mudpies, why the kids didn’t dig all the way to China, and why Jon’s cat is named Pigeon, rather than the typical dry interview questions. (Of course I asked those too…but those only received short, factual answers which are no fun.)

We talked about making mud potions, the boundaries of a book, and how Jon’s cat has a weird face and odd personality. But we also discussed the purpose of a children’s book, the simplicity of a good story without a moral lesson, and how children are unrated. It was one of the most thought-provoking conversations I’ve had. Both Mac and Jon had wonderful insight into their world of books.


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