The Dreaded GA

On Monday, I endured my fifth GA shift. It was alright. Nothing too exciting. But I did manage to write two interesting stories.


The first was a quick write-up about a man that had allegedly set six fires in downtown Columbia. The story wasn’t too time consuming, but as I wrote it, I wondered how important it was to share. I have several issues with ethics because I’m literally the most indecisive person. Ever. I never know the right answer. (But do any of us really?) The man was homeless. He was likely mentally unstable. So was it necessary to report on? I felt invasive, but wrote it anyway. Then, as karma often does, I was chewed out by a police officer for allegedly telling one of her coworkers that I’d been waiting “all day” to hear back from her. It was 1.) inaccurate. I’d only been waiting and hour and half. 2.) extremely rude and something I would never say, especially in a manner that could be taken as offensive, and 3.) I was doing what the editor told me. So that sucked.

The second article I wrote for GA was a much happier experience. I reported on a Dunkin’ Donuts that will be coming to town in 2015. The only problems I had with this story was hearing back from the owners. They didn’t contact me until the next day, which was annoying, but I understand that people have lives and they don’t revolve around a daily newspaper. The second issue I had was figuring out where the restaurant was going to be. The Tribune and Dunkin’ HQ reported a slightly different location from where the owner said it would be and we needed an exact location for a beautiful map featuring a doughnut. That led to five or six evening emails and two (and one dropped) phone calls to the copy editor. I really enjoyed putting the story together, but I’m a little disappointed in what was printed. I tried to incorporate three or four good doughnut puns and not a single one made it through.



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