I’m so cultured

I could have sat there for hours.

My honors art class had taken a field trip to two of St. Louis’ art museums on Saturday and our first stop was the Contemporary Art Museum.

I liked the majority of the work there, but one body of work in particular stood out to me.

It was a work by Carla Klein. She is part photographer, part painter. Her paintings are recreations of her photography, but she paints the flaws as well. Any chemical mishap in the development stage of her film is painted on the canvas. Her attention to detail was stunning and the subject of the series was haunting.

All her photos/paintings portrayed seclusion and vast emptiness. Her paintings sucked me in. I felt alone in the arctic tundra and on a road to nowhere. I sat and stared for 10 minutes.

Carla Klein

Carla Klein collection

We also went outside and experienced a Richard Serra piece named “Joe.” It was really neat because we got to walk through the huge sculpture.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

“Joe” by Richard Serra (ft. Veronica DeStefano)

Afterward, we made our way to the St. Louis Art Museum. I’d never been and I know that I’ll be back.

It was three floors of gorgeous paintings and sculptures from all over the world representing every century. We only had two hours to spend and it was not nearly enough time. I could have wandered for days.

The contemporary art section was one of my favorites. Several of the artists we were learning about in class had artwork on the walls of the museum. My two favorite pieces were Dan Flavin’s light sculpture and Morris Louis’ “Beta.”

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Dan Flavin


“Beta” by Morris Louis

I really loved the simplicity of the works. It was great getting away from Columbia and enjoying the silence of the museums. It gave me time to forget the world and admire the beauty of art.


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