The Single Girl Diaries: Windswept and Waiting

As some of you may have seen via my recent Snapstories, I’ve made the ~adventurous~ decision to move to New York City with no job, no apartment and no money aside from what I made selling my car.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Wow. That Ellise girl is an idiot. Didn’t she get a degree so she wouldn’t be an idiot.” I mean, yeah. But stay with me.

First of all, I didn’t make this decision alone. I have two of the most wonderful women in my world to accompany me on this journey: Caitlin Busch and Nikki Dall’Asen. These two brilliant journo minds have allowed me to take part in this life transition with them. About a week before our self-declared move day, we snagged an AirBnb for a month. (If you’re like my entire family and don’t know what an AirBnb is, it’s essentially a rented room in someone’s home/apartment/hostel. Not a “brothel” as my grandma told everyone.) We share a bedroom in a windowless basement with two full beds and 6’2″ ceiling. It sounds worse than it is, really.

Everyday here is new and exciting. With only one of the three having locked down an internship for the summer, we spend several hours a day at coffee shops around the city applying for jobs. My official count is 71. When we aren’t at our local dig, Variety Coffee Roasters, we’re exploring the city. There is no sense of urgency as we wander the streets. This isn’t a month long vacation. We moved. We live here. We can piddle-fart around, peak in shops, sit in the fountain at Washington Square, unironically eat at Guy Fieri’s restaurant in Times Square, walk the entirety of Central Park, ride the trains for the hell of it, go to rooftop parties, eat 99 cent pizza, etc. This is our new home and these two beautiful women are my family.

Now, to say that I’m not freaking out a little about the job prospects would be false. As mentioned earlier, I’ve applied for 71 jobs and counting. I’ve had two interviews with one company and I’ve been waiting nearly a week to hear back about the position. It’s driving me mad. But another prospect appeared in my inbox just last night and I know that more will come. Even if it’s a job serving or working in a book shop or making bagels, I know that I’ll be alright. I’ve never felt more confident in that.

So hold onto your seats, kids. You’re in for a wild ride. I plan to keep those interested up to date via my blog. The Single Girl Diaries are far from over.



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