A Thousand More

A Thousand More, a video produced by MediaStorm, demonstrates the beauty of a good visual story.

A Thousand More

The tale is about a young boy named Philly Mayer who was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Due to the disease, his movement is hindered to the extent that he is confined to a motorized chair. However, that doesn’t stop this ambitious boy from doing the things he loves. He’s an avid swimmer and adventurer. Philly’s family shows an unparalleled love and support for this sweet little guy.

Philly’s doctors told his parents that he would only live to be seven years old. When his mother asked the nurse what they could do for Philly, she replied, “Nothing.” SMA has no known cure, but is merely a disease to wait out.

With such a disheartening diagnosis, Philly’s parents have taken the initiative to provide the fullest life possible for their son.

“He’s going to do what he wants to do,” says dad, Phillip Mayer.

Philly has traveled the country, been involved and shared his story.

Despite the doctor’s prediction to last only seven years, Philly is still going strong. He is approaching his 12th birthday (April 2).

Sadly, while doing a little research about Philly, I discovered his father died this past January. (I’ve been crying about for 10 minutes.) I’m not sure the cause, but I can’t begin to fathom what this loss has done to the Mayer family. However, the Mayer family has a strong, Christian faith and church family to help them through.

The piece is truly phenomenal. It tells an emotional story that will tug at your heartstrings, but also provides hope. Philly is one heck of an inspirational kid. With all the struggles he’s had to overcome in his short 12 years, it’s amazing that he is able to be such a playful and optimistic person.

Aside from the beautiful story told, MediaStorm did a great job putting it all together. With our video projects in J2150 just around the corner (i.e., due Tuesday and I haven’t started), this piece provides several ideas about how video is done. I hope that I can some day produce a piece of this magnitude and share awesome stories that inspire viewers to care about my subjects.